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*Standard grade and stem-cell grade FBS

*Sterile 0.1 µm filtration

*Low endotoxin and hemoglobin levels

This sterile  filtered FBS (0.1μm) is collected either in USA or USDA-approved countries from Australia, north and central america.  Raw material is sourced from the same collection sites as Gibco. It is free from infectious and contagious diseases. No BVD, IBR or PI-3 is detected. No contamination or commingling with any other material of animal origin.

BioLab Packing provides standard and stem cell grade FBS. Cell growth of our standard grade FBS is comparative to Gibco product (See Figure) and  fits for most primary and cell line culture; stem cell grade FBS is prescreened for plating efficiency and maintenance of undifferentiated morphology of mouse embryonic stem cells.

FBS QC copy

Quality Control

Physical and Chemical Specifications

Osmolality: 280-340 mOsm/kg

PH: 7.0-7.5

Biochemical Specifications

Hemoglobin <25 mg/dl (typically <20 mg/dl)

Endotoxin <25EU/ml (typically <5EU/ml)

IgG <350 µg/ml

Protein: 3-4.5 g/dl

Microbiological Specifications

Bacteria, negative

Fungi, negative

Mycoplasma, negative

BVD, negative

IBR, negative

PI-3, negative

Growth Promotion Specifications

AW3.18.14 (murine hybridoma cells; cloning efficiency): >90% of standard*

HEp-2 (human epithelial type 2 cells, ATCC, CCL 23, growth curve): >90% of standard*

MRC-5 (human lung fibroblast cells; ATCC, CCL 171, 3 passages test): >90% of standard*

CHO (Chinese hamster ovary cells; optional): >90% of standard*

SP2/0-AG14 (murine Lymphoma cells, optional): >90% of standard*

VERO-76 (monkey kidney cells, optional): >90% of standard*

293FT (human lung cells, optional): >90% of Standard*

*Hyclone standard FBS (Catalog Number SH3008803) is used as the external standard.

Package Size




Shelf Life

5 years

Product Cat. No. Size Price
Fetal Bovine Serum FAS50

(Stem cell grade)

50ml US$89

(Standard grade)

50ml US$59

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