BioLab Packing  provides convenient pre-measured and pre-mixed Lennox LB agar small bags, which save weighing time  and avoid messy dust while maintaining consistent and accurate measurement. Simply add 35g to one liter of water. Prebuffered media powder (regular formulation plus 10mM Tris/Tris.HCl, pH7.2) is available to further eliminate pH adjustments.

All bulk orders of  Lennox LB Agar for this small package are from chosen renowned supplier to assure consistently high product quality.


Tryptone 10g/L
Yeast extract 5g/L
Sodium chloride 5g/L
Agar 15g/L
Tris/Tris HCl (Pre-buffered, pH7.2) 1.5g/L

Package Size

35g (X1L)

Store at

Room temperature

Shelf Life

5 years

Product Catalog No. Size Price
Lennox LB Agar LAL10 Powder for 1LX10 US$189
 (Non-buffered) LAL20 Powder for 1LX20 US$340
Lennox LB Agar LAL-PB10 Powder for 1LX10 US$189
(Pre-buffered) LAL-PB20 Powder for 1LX20 US$340

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