5g aluminum bags


*Preweighed and fast to dissolve in cold water

*For 3% or 5% fresh blocking solution

*Save time and fridge space

*Longer shelf life

*Immuno grade, ideal for western blocking

BioLab Packing provides premeasured small package of non-fat milk to save time and increase accuracy. For labs which put budget their first priority, please see our large pack product.

This instant non-fat dry milk has been tested in immuno assays such as western blotting.  It blocks nonspecific binding sites of PVDF and nitrocellulose membranes to reduce subsequent background.

Compared to other brands milk (such as Bio-Rad), our powder is much easier to resolve in cold water and takes no time to make fresh buffer. Fresh buffer usually performs better than stock solutions and save space in refrigerator

Bulk order products for small package are from chosen renowned supplier to assure consistently high product quality.

Quality Control

Protein: 35%; Carbohydrates: 52%; Fat: <1% (Compared to 26-40% in whole milk powder); Calcium: 1.3%; Potassium: 1.7%; Sodium: 0.5%; Moisture: <4.5%. Western blot and IHC tested.

Package Size

3g and 5g

Store at

Room temperature

Shelf Life

5 years
Product Cat No. Size Price
Non-Fat Milk NFM3-20 3gX20 pack US$60
NFM3-40 3gX40 pack US$120
NFM5-20 5gX10 pack US$80
NFM5-40 5gX20 pack US$160
NFM15-10 15gX10pack US$100
NFM15-20 15gX20pack US$200

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