*Molecular biology grade

*RNase/DNase free


Description & Application

Proteinase K is a highly reactive nonspecific serine protease. It cleaves at the carboxylic acid side of aliphatic, aromatic, or hydrophobic amino acids. This enzyme was designated proteinase K because of its ability to hydrolyze keratin. Proteinase K is active with or without the presence of SDS, urea, EDTA or various metal ions, but the activity of proteinase K can be increased by adding the denaturing agents and the structure of proteinase K can be stabilized by addition of Ca 2+. Proteinase K is inactivated by heating to 95°C for 10 minutes or using an inhibitor such as PMSF, AEBSF or DFP.  Proteinase K is stable in a wide variety of detergents and buffer salts and at various temperatures and pH.

Proteinase K is capable of inactivating RNases and DNases and is used in the isolation or preparation of high molecular weight nucleic acids. Proteinase K is also useful for helping to characterize enzymes, due to its cleavage specificity.

Quality Control

MW: 28.5 kDa

Activity: ≥30 U/mg

RNase/DNase free

Reconstitute in 50mM Tris-HCl (pH 8.0), 3mM CaCl2

Typically used at a concentration of 50-100 μg/ml

Package Size

1g, 5g

Store at


Shelf Life

5 years

 Product Cat No. Size Price
Proteinase K PK1 1gX1 US$400
PK2 1gX2 US$800

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