Anti-PEG detection kits

Polyethylene Glycol (PEG)  can stabilize and prolong the therapeutic efficacy of biological drugs.  Also, PEG is  widely used as an important drug excipient. All PEG-associated drugs including COVID-19 vaccine, could cause allergy-related severe  adverse events. Detection of preexisting and induced anti-PEG IgE can identify vulnerable individuals who are allergic to PEG and PEG-associated drugs. Such detection can improve PEG-associated drug safety which has been quite overlooked but should not be ignored any longer .

LLTPK-0001PEG IgE detection kit, RUOKitQuote
LLTPK-0002PEG IgG detection kit, RUOKitQuote
LLTPK-0003PEG IgM detection kit, RUOKitQuote
LLTPK-0004PEG IgM, IgG, IgE detection kit, RUOKitQuote
LLTPK-0005PEG detection  kit, RUOKitQuote
LLTPK-0006PEG and PEG IgE detection kit, RUOKitQuote
LLTPK-0007PEG and PEG IgE, IgM, IgG  detection kit, RUOKitQuote
LLTPS-0001Humanized PEG IgE standard, RUOeaQuote
LLTPS-0002Humanized PEG IgM standard, RUOeaQuote
LLTPS-0003Humanized PEG IgG standard, RUOeaQuote
LLTPS-0003Humanized PEG IgG standard, RUOeaQuote
LLTPS-0004Humanized PEG IgM, IgG and IgE standard, RUOeaQuote
LLTPS-0005Human PEG negative serum, RUOeaQuote
LLTPS-0006Human PEG negative serum, no PEG, no PEG antibody, RUOeaQuote

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